How To Write A Business Plan & A Winning Business Strategy
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How To Write A Business Plan & A Winning Business Strategy

Business plan template & writing examples for a business model and business strategy to grow business ideas in 2020
4.3 (1,298 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
21,780 students enrolled
Created by Alex Genadinik
Last updated 8/2020
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This course includes
  • 8 hours on-demand video
  • 7 articles
  • 72 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile
  • Certificate of Completion
What you'll learn
  • Write your business plan that contains winning business strategies
  • Create a strong business model for businesses like: Local services, freelancing services, eCommerce, affiliate, self-branded businesses, and innovative start-ups
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs for writing each section of a business plan
  • Evaluate your target market: Is it big enough? Is it lucrative enough?
  • Identify the most effective monetization strategy for your business
  • Master business planning concepts like the cash flow statement, lifetime customer value, and unit economics
  • Save money by not having to hire a business plan consultant or buying business plan templates
  • Desire to write a business plan that would bring you one step closer to realizing your dreams

Revolutionary, new way to write a professional business plan that will help you identify the most effective business strategies for your situation.

Take this step to start your business, achieve independence, and become your own boss.

Latest course update for 2020:

  • More examples of different businesses across different industries

  • Innovative three-sentence business plan to get you started

  • How to take your three-sentence business plan, expand it into a one-page business plan, and then a full and professional business plan 

  • Top-ten business planning mistakes and exercises to help you avoid them

  • More details added to the financials section

  • How you can turn yourself into a stronger entrepreneur



Many courses just focus on writing a business plan document. But the value of business planning is that it helps you start - not have some useless document that no one wants to read.

This is the issue in the business planning industry: People selling useless fill-in-the-blank business plan templates that have useless information that isn't catered to your unique business.

In this course, you'll learn how to create great business strategies that will help you have an ideal start your business.



My business plan book 'How To Write A Business Plan' is consistently the top business plan book on Amazon. My book is used by a number of universities and high schools, and I regularly get invited by these institutions to give talks about starting a business.

I've been an entrepreneur for 20 years, have personally coached over 1,000 entrepreneurs, taught 150,000+ students online, and helped millions of entrepreneurs worldwide, some of whom created 6 and 7-figure businesses, and I can help you too.



After coaching over 1,000 entrepreneurs, I saw entrepreneurs make the same business planning mistakes time and time again:

  • Confusion from cumbersome templates that don't give you the right strategies for your unique situation

  • Not knowing which business strategies are best to choose

  • Feeling confused, losing confidence and quitting

  • Over-planning and never starting

  • Under-planning and stumbling into common costly errors

  • Stress! Lots and lots of stress

Not only have I coached people like you, but I've also been there myself. I've felt the stress and confusion you might be feeling now. I know how difficult it can be, and I'll do whatever I can to help you put it all behind you.



I created a new and much easier way to write a business plan that solves all the problems plaguing entrepreneurs and helps to ensure that the strategies you plan are optimal.

Say goodbye to confusion, stress, frustration, confusing templates, and most importantly say goodbye to costly business errors.

My innovation is the three-sentence business plan that focuses on the core elements of your business and naturally expands into a full business plan.

When you focus on the most important aspects of your business, you are more likely to plan those parts of your business correctly, make fewer mistakes, and ultimately create a stronger business.

After you create your three-sentence business plan, I'll show you how to expand it into a one-page business plan, and then into a full business plan that has optimal strategies.



You can't start without planning, but over-planning is also a problem. This course balances the two.

Real-world execution of your business strategies is more important than planning. Each section of the course shows you how to plan your business and at the same time gives you actionable, real-world advice for how to execute after you start. 



What sets this business plan course apart is the personal time I devote to hold free office hours (coaching calls) with students. During office hours, you can ask me any business plan questions you want, and I'll do my best to help you create a strong business plan.

I also answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. I love helping students who take my courses and I look forward to helping you. 

I understand how frustrating and confusing it can be to write a business plan. As you move through the course and work on your business plan, I am here to answer any questions you have to make your planning go as smoothly as possible.



Upon completion of this business plan course, you will be able to write a good business plan on the very same day. The sooner you plan, the sooner you'll start your business with a stronger foundation, business model, and ultimately reach all your goals. So start today by enrolling in this business plan course. Stop waiting and start doing!



Some people say that business plan writing isn't a good thing to do. In fact, business plan writing has become less popular with start-ups. There is a good reason for that. Start-ups tend to go all in quickly with little time to plan. A business plan for startups isn't common because startups don't have time to focus on writing a long business plan document.

But strategic business planning is still necessary even if extensive business plan writing isn't always ideal.



This course can help different businesses from local brick and mortar businesses to online businesses and startups.

Common brick and mortar businesses planned with this course: restaurant, cleaning, gym, coaching, boutiques, stores, and various services. 

Comm startups planned with this course: mobile apps, YouTube, influencer businesses, elearning businesses, ecommerce businesses, freelancing, innovative startups.



* Extra freebies and downloadable worksheets

* Free 15-minute coaching call during which we can discuss your business plan after you complete the course

* Personal invitation to my Facebook community where you can discuss business strategy with other entrepreneurs

* My list of 50 business-success skills after course completion (business plan writing is only one of them)

* Automatic entry to be selected for my student of the month status



  • Are a first-time entrepreneur writing your first business plan

  • Are stressed and stuck on writing a business plan

  • Want to create a great strategy before starting their business

  • Need a business plan to help them raise money

  • Are starting an Ecommerce business, local business, affiliate business, self-branded business, innovative start-up, mobile app, B2B business, service business, or home-based business with one or two people



When you complete 100% of the videos in this business plan course, you will be emailed a certificate of completion by Udemy so you can show it as proof of your business planning expertise and that you have completed a certain number of hours of instruction in writing business plans.



The business plan course comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee. It's my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed just like I've done for thousands of my other students. 

Invest in your future and enroll now.

Who this course is for:
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who are writing a business plan - be your own boss, start a business, and reach great potential
Course content
Expand all 110 lectures 11:26:37
+ Create a simple 3-sentence business plan and turn it into a 1-page business plan
3 lectures 17:45
EXAMPLE: Turning a 3-sentence plan into a 1-page business plan for a mobile app
EXAMPLE: 1-page business plan for local business like a lawn care business
+ More 3-sentence business plan examples of common businesses
5 lectures 30:36
EXAMPLE: Agency or service business 3-sentence plan to a 1-page plan
EXAMPLE: Ecommerce 3-sentence business plan to a 1-page plan
MISTAKE EXAMPLE AND HOW TO GET ORGANIZED: influencer & coaching business
EXAMPLE: B2B (Business to Business) 3-sentence & 1-page business plan
How long should a business plan be & what writing style you should use
Business plan fundamentals quiz
2 questions
+ Sections of a full business plan
17 lectures 01:22:58

The executive summary is a confusing term because sometimes it means a short 1-2 page business plan, and sometimes the executive summary is a term that means the introduction section.

Executive summary and section introduction. Starting to write the full plan
Business or service section of the business plan
For complex or technical products: Eric Ries Lean Startup Methodology

How much progress have you made with your business? It is ok if you are just starting. Every company had to start somewhere. You must simply help the reader of your business plan know how long have you been working on your business, and what kind of traction or growth you have. If you have customers, product or revenue, this is a good place to note the maturity of those.

Company stage section of the business plan

Do you know how to calculate your target market size? You must know that, and express it clearly in your business plan. If investors read your business plan they should be able to determine whether the overall opportunity is big enough, and whether you have a good understanding of the size of your own target market. Additionally, depending on how you count, different calculations can result in different target market size numbers, which as you can imagine, leads to some pretty interesting discussions.

Determining your market size
Market size example from a real business plan

The all important marketing plan in your business plan. You must be able to promote your business and get customers. Without marketing and without clients, a business can't survive for long so your marketing plan is absolutely important. It isn't enough just to have any old marketing plan. Your marketing plan must be very good and savvy. If your current marketing plans consist of promoting on Facebook, Twitter, with business cards and flyers, you must definitely come up with a more professional marketing plan.

Marketing plan section of your business plan - theory

Discuss how your business will make money. What will be your revenue stream or revenue streams if you plan to have more than one source of income. There is typically a big decision for whether you decide to pursue multiple revenue streams or just one, and you have to explain this reasoning in this section as well.

Preview 07:08
Revenue stream section example from a real business plan

Discuss your founding and management team. Also mention any investors, advisors that you have on your team, and the board of directors if you have a board of directors. Most importantly, list all the members of your founding team, their education, and their relevant skill sets and professional experience.

Current team with tips on how to build a founding team

You must have a section discussing your business competition. You must also explain how you are different than your competition. You don't need to say that you are better than your competition, but you should explain how your business is unique, and how it differentiates itself from competition.

Your business competition and how to deal with competitors

Customer lifetime value (LTV) is extremely important. Imagine if someone just bought something once. That is nice. But what if they came back to buy something every month. That means an increase in annual revenue of 1200% and maybe much more if you multiply this out over many years. For that reason, in your business plan you should discuss your plan to extend the lifetime customer value. It is extremely important for your business and that is why I included it in this course.

Pricing and customer lifetime value (LTV)
Strategies to boost LTV in many ways with many examples

I recently added the SWOT analysis lecture to this business plan course. It isn't something that appears in every business plan, but a SWOT analysis is a nice thing to include.

NEW! The SWOT analysis part of the business plan
Example of real business plan SWOT analysis

For sensitive information like some financials or intellectual property that should not be shared with everyone, you can have an appendix section which you can easily add or take out of your business plan depending on who will be reading your document.

NEW! Business plan appendix section
+ Business plan financials
12 lectures 39:48

The cash flow statement is an important financial part of your business plan. The cash flow statement is as much a very good thing to add to this document as it is good for you to be able to look at a cash flow statement and use the cash flow statement to help you understand where all the money is going and coming from in your business. Having a cash flow statement can help you to realize what to do to stop or decrease some of your spending, and what to do to increase revenue.

Preview 05:15
Income statement
Forecasting for an existing business
How to make projections for a business which has not started

Unit economics are a good way to look at a single transaction in your business and understand its finances at a small level. The unit economics can give you a lot of insight about the health of your business.

Unit economics
Unit economics example from a business plan for my mobile apps

In this part of the business planning course, I talk about how to calculate gross profit, net profit, and the bottom line. A serious business plan should talk about financials in some detail. If you are just starting your company, your financials won't be too complicated, but you should still have them in your document. 

How to calculate the gross profit, net profit and the bottom line
Example of profit calculations in a business plan

In this part of the business plan course I explain how to calculate your profit margin. Again, if you are just starting your company, you probably don't have to cover this, but it is good to know.

What is the profit margin, and how to calculate your profit margin?
Profit margin example for a mobile app business plan

In this part of the business plan I talk about pro forma earnings. It is essentially a projection. Again, if you are just starting your company, it is nearly impossible to get this right, but it is good to try. Usually you base pro forma earnings on previous earnings.

What is pro forma earning and how to calculate them?
Pro forma earnings example from a mobile app business plan
+ Balance sheet of your business plan
2 lectures 05:42

In this part of the business plan course I talk about your balance sheet, and all the elements you should have in it.

Elements of a balance sheet
Balance sheet example from a business plan for a mobile app
+ Case study of me starting a fresh business
1 lecture 07:18
Example of me starting a business from scratch
+ Real-world business plan of a million-dollar client
17 lectures 01:20:56
Section introduction - the million dollar business plan we'll examine
Executive summary and product overview
Calculating target market size without industry research reports
Competition and marketing plan
Case study: Another commerce company that chose to sell in brick & mortar store
Example: Choosing a semi-successful marketing strategy & bad results that follow
Team and S.W.O.T. analysis
Finances before the business has started
Business plan copy (prior to starting)
Challenges through execution that almost all entrepreneurs also face
Challenges and work ahead
Starting to look at the grout business plan after it 2 years in business
S.W.O.T analysis and LTV sections
Copy of the business plan of this company at two years, shown in the videos
People fight me about Amazon and other retailers
+ More details on marketing strategies for planning a business
8 lectures 33:57
Marketing plan section introduction
Basic marketing plan for an Ecommerce product
Local business marketing plan example
Agency or services (marketing, web development, design) company marketing plan
Marketing plan for a blog or YouTube or podcast or influencer or coach
Marketing plan for a platform or big website domination
Marketing plan for an innovative new product or website
B2B company marketing plan
+ Planning your social media marketing calendar and content posting
8 lectures 39:09
Section introduction - creating a social media marketing calendar and beyond
Branding vs. sales, long-term vs. short-term
Overview of potential goals and strategies
Social media marketing calendar
Giving each day a pre-planned theme
Once you have a calendar, steps to ease into outsourcing & prerequisites
Automation vs. outsourcing vs. being present vs. all of the above
How long each type of posing takes