Bob Marx

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  The MST Selling System has been shared with audiences in: 

  United States – Canada - United Kingdom - India 

  Sweden – Nigeria - South Africa – Singapore - Australia 

                          Bob has become a key source of sales improvement to the Manufacturing, Insurance, Printing, Banking, Finance as well as Heavy Machinery industries among many others. 

                          Clients say Bob's unique combination of; humor, down-to-earth ,no-nonsense approach to communication - creates an easy way to implement and learn. 

                          Bob is a sales and communication coach, author, award winning Toast Master in addition to being a highly sought after public speaker - coupled with 15 years experience in senior management. 

                          As a student of effective communication, Bob has extensive experience in the areas of Transactional Analysis. 

                            Bob takes a very different approach to that of conventional sales.               Specialties:  Public speaking on any sales related topics, including building better communication and teams within your company.               *Leadership/Management Training                                         *Sales Training                                         *Leadership/Management Coaching                                       *Sales Coaching                                         *Pre-hire Assessments                                       *Development Assessments                                         *Executive Coaching